Dear all, we are no longer maintaining this sales journal due to other commitments. However, we will still organise preorders from time to time when we are interested in purchasing the items ourselves. Thank you very much for your continued support! =)


[Monthly Reservation] Tearouts

We purchase Duet, Myojo, Popolo, Potato and Wink Up (and other misc. magazines) on a regular basis. As we are only keeping certain artistes/groups, the rest are available at S$0.30 per tearout. Therefore, all artistes/groups are available for reservation EXCEPT the following:

A.B.C. + posters/pin-ups
Arashi + posters/pin-ups
Ikuta Toma + posters/pin-ups
KAT-TUN + posters/pin-ups
NewS tearouts + Yamashita Tomohisa posters/pin-ups
Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8)
Tackey & Tsubasa + posters/pin-ups
Yara Tomoyuki
Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani8)

Priority is given to those who reserved tearouts of the entire group instead of selected members.

Last update: 7/22


Blacklisted Sellers/Buyers

Blacklisted Sellers

Website: http://bloody-cherries.livejournal.com / http://maishampoo.livejournal.com / http://maishoppinguu.livejournal.com /
Email Address: bloodycherries@hotmail.co.jp / maishoppinguu@gmail.com / myukirin@gmail.com
Contact No.: 96536159
POSB Savings Account No. 038-36794-3 Ryouko Miyahara
Paid S$34 for Kanjani8 Spring Tour '08 goods.
Lost contact since 16th Apr '08.
Once again, stupidly paid S$16 for KAT-TUN's Rescue single + poster again.
Told to contact Siru at 97508004.
Lost contact since 15th May '09.

Edit: I realise that we met up once in Oct '08 for Summary '08 goods.

Website: http://icnix.livejournal.com
Email Address: han_xinci@hotmail.com
Contact No.: 98216313
Requested for the return of 2 Super Junior albums as the editions were not the ones that she had claimed.
Lost contact since 14th Apr '09.

Blacklisted Buyers